Five reasons why I decide to start blogging

  1. Creative outlet. I am left handed by nature, so I am supposed to be creative and artistic. No sure that I am. I don’t sketch, paint or do anything crafty. However, I am quite dexterous, I work with my hands, I am an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and operate quite regularly.  I like photography and consider myself an amateur/ hobbyist photographer at best. So, my goal is to write to unleash my hopefully creative potential that’s bottled up within me. In. addition, I’ll post some of my own original photos or that of known artist instead of using stock photos.


  1. Blogging will give me the chance to do something besides the daily grind of medicine. While I like what I do, it is grueling and can take a toll on the mental and physical aspects of an individual. As a result, this will be an outlet for me to step outside of medicine. I honestly can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.



  1. Blogging will allow me to explore and meet other bloggers and creative people that may rub off on me in a positive way. To explore the possibilities that’s out there that blogging can bring.


  1. I am expert in my field and it’s an opportunity to educate the public regarding women’s health care and dispel google myths. While I may write about medical subjects that are current, I will not give professional advice or opinions on this platform. I encourage everyone to seek the advice of their personal physician. You can visit my practice page at


  1. Build my writing skills. Learning something new is always intriguing. Please don’t be too harsh on my writing skills. Doctors are not known to have great writing skills. However, I am willing to work on developing my skills on this platform.  Please subscribe and follow my journey.






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