Five reasons why I exercise

Five reasons why I exercise:

  1. Unfortunately, I cannot control my family history. However, we can control risk factors. For me as a person of African descent and as many my family history is rich with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. I can and do reduce my risks by maintain a healthy weight with a good BMI (Body Mass Index)
  2. Exercise relieve stress and burnout. My days and nights are long. I am up many nights taking care of patients. In the same token, I strive to take care of myself. There by improving my mood and state of mind.
  3. Keeps me accountable to my accountability partner and my closet. I am really not interested in changing size and buying new clothes. In addition, I practice what I preach. As a physician during preventive health visits and other visits, I am obligated to discuss eating habits and exercise regiments.
  4. To maintain a certain level of fitness, muscle mass and, bone density.
  5. Increases my chances of living longer, thus increases my chance of enjoying more of life. Let’s face it you’ve ever been to a nursing home; the residents are usually slim individuals. The obese/overweight have a shorter life span and many times don’t live to make the decision regarding assisted living facilities or nursing homes. I am striving to live a long healthy life.

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